The mountains of western North Carolina are breathtaking.  However, it has not always been an easy place to live.  For many women, life in the Southern Appalachians was hard with raising children on very little means, caring for families and making a living in an isolated part of America.  No matter the circumstances, these women faced whatever obstacles came their way with determination, grit and grace.

Some women achieved prominence in the arts, government, education and social causes while others achieved success through raising productive children.
Regardless of their status, it is stories of these ordinary women leading extraordinary lives that must be preserved and shared to inspire future generations.

Our goal is to open the doors of the Monteith Farmstead in Dillsboro, North Carolina to house these stories and retell through a living museum.  The one hundred and eight year old house is currently undergoing restoration and repair.  With your donation of time and financial support, we will make our vision for the museum a reality.