Mountain Life

The mission of the Appalachian Women’s Museum is to “…gather, preserve, and share the stories of the women of Southern Appalachia.”   As we grow and develop as a museum, we will accomplish our mission through exhibits at the Monteith Farmstead, events such as Airing of Quilts and Music on the Porch, and demonstrations and conversations during our Saturday openings.  Increasingly, and certainly during COVID 19, we are meeting our mission through a virtual look at some modern-day Appalachian women.

Irish Step Dancing with Kinsey Brooke

Kinsey Brooke is a professional folk dancer. She has studied southern Appalachian and Irish folk dancing. In this video she gives a demonstration of two different kinds of Traditional Irish Step Dancing on our porch.

To read about the history of Irish Step Dancing, please click here. 

Basket Weaving with Junetta Pell

Junetta Pell has been weaving baskets for over 50 years. She was kind enough to pass along a portion of her extensive knowledge of different styles of baskets and the basics of how to weave baskets.

Quilting with Cheryl Beck

Cheryl Beck is a past board member of the Appalachian Women’s Museum who has a passion for quilting. During her time on the board she started Airing of the Quilts, an annual event held in early May where we show off quilts by hanging them on our porch and in our yard.

Women’s Work: Canning Stories

Many aspects of mountain life combine community, and necessity.  Listen as friends share canning stories about preserving  food, while providing opportunities to share recipes and thoughts with friends and neighbors.

Traditional Appalachian Music with Susan Pepper

Susan Pepper is a local singer and traditional musician who has been performing since the early 2000’s. Enjoy as Susan performs traditional Appalachian songs and ballads for us at the Monteith Farmstead. Click here to learn more about the Music Parlor exhibit coming in 2021.

Keeping up the Homestead: Garden with Krista Robb

Krista Robb is an experienced gardener who learned many of her gardening skills from her grandmother.  Krista was attracted to AWM’s diverse ways of celebrating women’s heritage and history in Appalachia and volunteered to create a master garden plan this year.  Krista believes that gardening is important to caring for the community and bringing people together.

Note-Jackson County Extension’s Heather Gordon was critical in helping us restart the garden.  Both Krista and Heather suggest the resources available at NC Cooperative Extension has both online resources and agents that can  assist  you.  Also see Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project – resource for anything gardening.

Folk Music with Lee Knight

Lee Knight discusses how women have played an important role in collecting and saving songs for the enjoyment of future generations. Lee has a particular interest political and labor songs. In this video shares some of his favorite songs through singing, playing guitar, and playing banjo.