As our museum grows we have held events to invite participation of some community aspects mountain life. Currently these events include: Airing of the Quilts, Music on the Porch, Luminaires, and our Recognition event.

Airing of the Quilts

Enjoy these pictures of registered quilts displayed at our second annual Airing of the Quilts, May 2019.


Music on the Porch

Enjoy our photos from our first annual Music on the Porch in September, 2019.


Recognition Events

We want to recognize the extraordinary people and their hard work that has gone into getting the museum to where it is today. Please enjoy the photos from our recognition event in December, 2019.


Thank you to our volunteer, Rebekkah Watkins, and community partners of 2020 for the excellent work you have done and continue to do.


In 2020 we created a beautiful and well producing garden thanks to our dedicated garden volunteers. Thank you to our volunteers for making it possible to give back to local food banks.


We had some amazing board members complete their terms and roll off of the board at the end of 2020. We would like to recognize your accomplishments and thank you for your dedicated service.


We enjoy participating in Dillsboro’s luminaries event in December. We have the pleasure of having groups from around the region come and decorate a tree in various rooms of the museum. Please enjoy the photos from our 2019 event.